Send Invites


Showcase your event for every occasion.

Set co-organizers

Allow some friends the ability to send invites and see the guest list.

Let guests invite friends

The more the merrier? Open up the guest list to friends of your friends.

See who invited who

See which of your guests invited who from within the guest list.

Create custom themes

Customize the look of your event with your own colors & images.

Post photos

Share photos for what to bring, how to dress, or what the last event was like.

Chat in real-time

Keep everyone engaged and up-to-date leading up to the big event.

Choose how your invite should look. Select from our growing library of pre-made themes, or make your own!

Collect RSVPs

Keep track of who’s on the guest list.

See when email invites have been sent, delivered, received, and viewed to be certain everyone got them.

Send invites via text

Just text your friends the invite link. No app for them to download.

Edit guest responses

Maintain an accurate guest list even if guests verbally respond.

Import contacts

Easily bulk import all your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo!, or one of those files...

Get notifications

Stay on top of your events by choosing to receive browser push notifications.

Send auto-reminders

Automatically send email reminders to all your guests prior to the event.

No ads

Support Papercut so we’ll never have to put ads up ever.

Spark up conversations

Get the party started long before the first guest arrives.

Connect with your friends and their friends through chat.

Works on any modern browser

So long as it has internet.

No events yet? Start planning some.